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What is parkrun?

Never heard of parkrun? Well thank goodness you’re here! If, like many Australians, you’re new to the parkrun movement, welcome to the best FREE family activity you’ll ever come across! Parkrun is a collection of organised five-kilometre running events that take place every Saturday morning, come rain, hail or shine. It’s super simple, easy, fun and ABSOLUTELY FREE? Yes! 100% FREE no catches! The only thing asked is that if you become a regular parkrunner that you volunteer every now and then. Volunteering is fun and easy! Find out more, locate your local parkrun and register free here! Once you have experienced the magic of parkrun, you will soon agree that parkrun (trade-marked as one word with a lower case p) is hands down the BEST free activity you can do with your family on a Saturday morning!

parkrun is free, scenic and the best start to your weekend!
There is no better way to start your weekend. Photo credit #berwickspringsparkrun

parkrun! Not Just for Runners!

OK, I hear you…..”I can’t run, I couldn’t even run if I was late for the bus!” Believe me, I completely understand because this was me a few years back! A couple of my friends were into running and I truly thought they were freaks!

Thankfully, a wonderful friend introduced me to parkrun and I quickly found out that running CAN actually be FUN! parkrun is certainly not your stereotypical running event overrun by fit, competitive, running freaks (although some parkrunners are indeed fit, competitive and/or freaky!) Walkers, prams, wheelchairs and even dogs are welcome at parkrun! There is always a volunteer tail runner/walker so you can be reassured you will never be last across the finish line! It’s a welcoming, inclusive casual, family friendly event, often with an electric atmosphere, especially during a special anniversary, theme or celebratory event which may or may not include dressing up, tutus, party hats, cake, helium balloons or a visit from Santa!

There's always a milestone to celebrate at parkrun
Celebrating our beloved parkrun’s 1st birthday! #walkinginpartyhats

How to parkrun?

Essentially, parkrun is a worldwide community of NORMAL people of all fitness levels and from all walks of life, just like you and me, who get together every Saturday morning at a specific time (7am or 8am depending on your state) and location (usually a park or scenic place of interest) to run or walk a total of 5km. Volunteers mark out the course, take photos (uploaded to the relevant parkrun Facebook page) and time your run (shortly you will receive an email with your 5km time). You just need to register, print out your personal barcode (the link will be emailed to you once you register), show up approx. 15 minutes before the start time (check your local parkrun facebook or event page), listen to the Run Director’s safety / info briefing (so you know where to run and what to do) and BAM!! I guarantee you will be back, the same time, same place next week (and probably every week thereafter) to see if you can beat your time and of course to catch up with your new parkrun family!

Celebrating my 100th parkrun milestone at my home parkrun!!
Celebrating my 100th parkrun milestone!

Welcome to the Family!

Each individual parkrun is like a tight knit family. Everyone knows each other, looks out for each other, supports each other and most importantly, gets fit and healthy together in a fun, non judgemental way! So wake up your kids, get your running shoes on and enjoy everything your local parkrun has to offer! Better still, become a “parkrun tourist” and visit as many different parkruns as you can! The parkrun tourist tool is a great way to identify the location of ALL the parkruns! We are lucky enough to be “Running around Australia” and will be visiting as many parkruns as we can! Check out our fun Australian parkrun reviews and videos here. Don’t forget to check back often as we are always visiting new parkruns during our travels! There are currently more than 330 parkruns in Australia with more being launched almost every week! So, what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up for free, print off your barcode and get parkrunning or walking now!

parkrun is the best FREE family activity ever!
Best FREE family event ever!

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