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When we were planning our Big Lap we hadn’t really considered a door mat. We were very aware that we should only take essential items that were as compact and light as possible. One night while scrolling through Facebook we came across an ad for the Muk Mat. We quickly realised that with 3 kids in tow this was indeed an essential item! We love supporting Aussie businesses, especially ones with a useful and unique concept.

A few days later our Muk Mat arrived on our doorstep (excuse the pun!) We ordered the smallest size with the black trim (any other colour would be black in no time with our family anyway!) We’ve been using our Muk Mat at every stop since we started our Big Lap. We have been on the road for 7 weeks and have decided it’s time to write a quick review based on our opinions and experiences.

The Muk Mat comes in different trim colours, shapes and sizes.

The first thing we noticed with the Muk Mat is the quality. It’s not just a piece of fake turf but a properly constructed door mat. It has heavy duty rubber backing and a handy velcro strap to roll it up when not in use. We often only stay for one or two nights so pegging down our huge awning matting is not always an appealing option! The first thing we do when we arrive is pull down the step and place the Muk Mat at the bottom. It’s great to have a clean surface to step out onto each day. The kids also sit on it to put their shoes on. This means less clothes to wash due to not sitting on the filty ground!

The Muk Mat makes a little patch of clean!

We have used it in heat, rain and mud and have noticed how well it holds up in each situation. We like to free camp, so many of our sites have been dusty, or muddy. At the end of our stay we just pick it up, give it a shake or a bang against a tree and throw it in the van. If it’s wet, 10 mins hanging on the back of a camp chair will dry it off.

Now we know what you’re going to ask! Does it actually keep the muk out!? As you know, camping/ caravanning can be a dirty afair! Our caravan still ends up with dirt, gravel and sand inside but with the Muk Mat it’s noticeably a lot less!

We decided to really put the Muk Mat to the test. We carried out a little experiment by staying at the one spot for a couple of days WITHOUT the mat and then the same spot WITH the mat. The results speak for themselves. So much less muk!! Check out our short ‘experiment video’ here.

Since the delivery of our Muk Mat, we have found out that Muk Mat have developed a special caravan internal step mat and really wish we also had one of these! Two lines of defence against the dirt would be amazing! Check them out out here.

As a result of using the Muk Mat for the past 7 weeks on the road, we have put together this short pros and cons list for those of you who are interested.


  • High Quality. A properly designed door mat.
  • Easy to clean. Just shake, bang or hose it.
  • Light weight but heavy enough not to blow away.
  • Aussie Made and Owned.
  • Really does keep the muk out!


  • We got the smallest size but wish we’d gotten the bigger size.
  • More expensive than other similar (less superior?) mats.
If we had to order again, we would go with the bigger size for sure!

We hope we’ve helped you to decide if the Muk Mat is right for you. For more fun and honest reviews visit our webpage @ Running Around Australia.

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