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The core essence of our family’s life philosophy is YOLO (You Only Live Once). 

When faced with potentially life changing or risky decisions our response is almost always, “Let’s give it a go! After all, You Only Live Once!” Without this mindset, we would never have started up our own business, would never have run more than 200m and would never have had a third child!!

So, how did we end up here? Planning to sell everything we’ve worked so hard for, to squash our family of 5 into a caravan for goodness knows how long?

The short answer: YOLO!


The slightly longer answer: After setting up and managing a successful business for the past 10 years, having three gorgeous, healthy children, Chris finally having spinal fusion surgery (after 3 years of chronic pain) and finishing the renovations on our absolutely beautiful home; we were left asking ourselves the question: “So What’s Next?”

One night during what had become somewhat of a daily stress relief ritual; scrolling through Facebook, a page about a family who had left everything behind to travel Australia together popped up on my feed. Thanks so much CoastingAustralia! After following their page for just 3 days I wondered, is THIS our next opportunity? Could we? Should we? Would we? Of course when I ran it by Chris, the answer was YES because, you know…………….YOLO!!

So the stress of everyday life suddenly changed and it became a different type of stress! How on Earth are we going to sell or get rid of 20 years of stuff, prepare our house for sale, ensure or business will survive without us and prepare ourselves for something we’ve never even done as a family! Go camping……permanently!!!

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