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Wilson Botanic parkrun

Who are we?

Hi! We are a family of 5 who have recently decided to sell everything, buy a caravan and travel around Australia! As a bonus, we will be checking out all of the best running locations our country has to offer! We have decided to plan our trip largely around the location of Australia’s hundreds of parkruns so that we are able to enjoy as many Saturday mornings as ‘parkrun tourists’ as possible!

Our Local parkruns

What better way to begin sharing our journey then by starting by reviewing our very own local parkruns! Currently living in Melbourne’s South-East, we are lucky to have access to 4 very different parkruns, all within a 20km radius! This is a review of our closet local parkrun, Wilson Botanic parkrun. It is located at Wilson Botanic Park, 668 Princes Hwy, Berwick, Victoria. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Snakes live here!
Wilson Botanic Park is very dog friendly but keep an eye out for snakes! (P.S. We’ve never seen one here!)

The Course

It may be a little difficult for newbies to find the start line within the park as it’s not right near the carpark! Enter via the main entrance near the fountains, take the first right (up a slight hill) and look for the amphitheatre steps. Here you will find people gathering for the briefing. The course weaves around the park which is actually an old quarry. There are gorgeous lakes filled with birds and wildlife and stunning views across the South East. The course is on gravel and concrete and I’m not going to lie, there is one very steep hill! The best bit about this is; what goes up must come down and the views at the top and on the way down are lovely! The worst bit about this is it’s a two lap course!

Absolutely beautiful gardens and views everywhere you look!

Our Pakenham parkrun Review Ratings:

 Findabillity Score   

4 out of 5
Easy to find, Look for the Wilson Botanic Park sign. Once you find a park, the startline is about a 300m walk. Follow around to your right.

Parking Score

4 out of 5
Lots of parking (might be difficult if there’s an event to be held that day!) If there are no parks in front of the information centre, drive around behind the centre, there are plenty more.

Toilets Score

5 out of 5
Toilets everywhere! At the front information centre, throughout the park and on course!

Aesthetics Score

4 out of 5
Beautiful course with something different to look at at every turn. Lakes and gardens galore!

Friendliness Score

4 out of 5
Everyone knows each other and are very welcoming to tourists too!

PB Chance Score

1 out of 1
Not a hope in hell!! (The huge hill will make sure of this!)

Kid Friendly Score 

5 out of 5
Pram very (despite the hill), toilets everywhere, huge playground, ducks, tortoises, lots of fun places to explore. The kids will love it! Bonus: This park is also an augmented reality MAGICAL PARK! Walk to the ‘ball games field’ and download the app. Check out more info here

Uniqueness Score

3 out of 5
Who would’ve guessed all this beauty could be in the middle of suburbia!? Lots of lovely cafes nearby in Berwick for coffee and breakfast afterwards!

Tourism Score

4 out of 5
If you are coming through Berwick, definitely pop this parkrun on your Must Do list! Oh and if you are a dedicated Alphabeteer you get a letter W ticked off too!

More parkrun Reviews?

Would you like more fun parkrun reviews based on parkruns around Australia? Have we visited your parkrun yet? Drop us a line anytime and tell us what you think of our reviews or why we should come and visit YOUR local parkrun! Check them out all out here!

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