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So we all know what we probably WILL miss when taking the plunge to sell everything and travel around Australia! These are often also the typical very good reasons why a lot of us don’t do it! “The kids will miss their school friends”, “we’ll miss our families”, “we’ll miss the steady income”, “we’ll miss our comfortable lifestyle” etc etc. BUT What do we think we WON’T miss? Here are the top 10 things that we believe we probably won’t miss while doing the Big Lap!

  1. Work – This one would be on the top of a majority of people’s “What I won’t miss” list! 😉 
 Photo credit: Travello Travel app

2. Neighbours – We’re lucky to have great neighbours but some things can still be annoying, you know, like dogs barking, visitors blocking your driveway, loud parties etc. At least in a caravan, if your neighbour does something to annoy you it’s easy to move on.

3. Junk mail!! Who’s got time to read it anyway? It sits on the bench until you can’t stand it any longer then it goes straight into the recycling bin!

Junk mail
Junk mail? Do we really need it?

4. School lunches! ………..enough said! 

5. Appointments! It’s often depressing looking at my calendar and tiring trying to remember all the appointments, extra curricular activities, play dates and parties!

6. Buying presents – Having 3 kids means LOTS of birthday parties which means spending endless hours buying age appropriate presents, cards and wrapping paper! With family birthdays and Christmas too it feels like I’m forever trying to remember birthdays and organise presents!! As selfish as this sounds, I don’t think I’ll miss this!

Oh Santa! Do they really need all of this stuff? Wouldn’t a crocodile adventure or day at a water park be better?

7. Bin Night – Remembering to put the bins out and then dragging them up our steep driveway over and over again, week by week!

8. Changing the kitty litter – We’ll miss our beautiful Charlie Cat but definitely won’t miss that stinky litter!!

9. School dress up days – While our kids are not super into dress up days, we still have to plan, buy and organise outfits for at least 4 times a year! I especially won’t miss book week!

I have to admit this year, we didn’t go to much effort for Book Week! But at least the kids were still happy!

10. Toys!!! OMG! TOYS!!! – If it wasn’t for 3 kids worth of toys strewn from one end of the house to the other, our house may actually have been a nice tidy, enjoyable place to live! No matter how many storage boxes or toy purges we have, the mountains of toys still manage to find their way back to the middle of the kitchen floor, front entry, ensuite and even in our bed! Caravan life……pleeeeeease free us from the TOYS!!!! Am I dreaming?

Toys everywhere!

We haven’t left yet for our Big Lap and in all honestly we will probably miss a lot more than we won’t but are there any things we’ve left off our list that you don’t think we’ll miss? Let us know! 

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