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Berwick Springs parkrun

Our Home parkrun – Berwick Springs!

I’m so excited because today I get to show off my amazing home parkrun – Berwick Springs! If you ever find yourself in the South East of Melbourne, Victoria then you must visit this one! We are planning to sell everything, pack our things into a caravan and travel Australia visiting as many parkruns as possible! Hopefully we find some that are as good as our home parkrun or we might get homesick!

Berwick Springs parkrun Fountain

A birdwatchers paradise!

About Berwick Springs parkrun

Berwick Springs parkrun is a hidden oasis in the middle of residential suburbia! It’s location is on the corner of Berwick Springs Promenade and The Esplanade, Berwick, Vic. Meet at 8am every Saturday – rain, hail or shine! It’s a 2 lap flat course that circles its way around a huge system of beautiful lakes, wetlands and bridges. Berwick Springs was the original event in the area and although there are now 5 parkruns within a 20km radius there are still a mammoth 300+ parkrunners, dogs and kids who call this parkrun their home! There’s a relaxed family atmosphere with lots of fun events and themes throughout the year. Check out the Facebook page to see what’s coming up next! Berwick Springs parkrun is home to many local running groups with the largest two being TXR Runners and Raring2run.

Meet at the playground
Meet at the playground on the Corner of Berwick Springs Promenade & The Esplanade

Our Berwick Springs parkrun Review Ratings:

 Findabillity Score   

4 out of 5
Easy to Find. Once you find Berwick Springs Promenade you can’t miss it!


Parking Score

4 out of 5
Parking is in surrounding streets. Get there well before 8am or you will have to run to the start line. Don’t park on the lake side of “The Esplanade” or the council may fine you!


Toilets Score

1 out of 1
No toilets!! The parkrunning community have been lobbying for years! Hopefully by the time you read this there will be toilets!

Aesthetics Score

5 out of 5
Very pretty. Lots of birdlife and something beautiful to see at every turn!

PB Chance Score

5 out of 5
Flat and Fast! One tiny incline near the last bridge! Good luck!

Kid Friendly Score 

Great fenced playgrounds, lots of space to explore.
Great fenced playgrounds, lots of space to explore. No toilets (yet).

Uniqueness Score

3 out of 5
Who would’ve guessed all this beauty could be in the middle of suburbia!? Lots of lovely cafes nearby for coffee afterwards!

Tourism Score

5 out of 5
Definitely one of the best, most beautiful parkruns in the South East!

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