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Phillip Island parkrun

Playing parkrun tourists in our favourite holiday location!

For the past 15 years we have been lucky enough to have lived just one hour’s drive from the beautiful Phillip Island. In 2015 we were excited to learn that there was a new parkrun on the island! It is located on the small picturesque Churchill Island, Newhaven. The island is also home to a heritage farm where for a small cost you can step back in time and experience farm life. Whenever we visit Phillip Island for a family holiday we always visit this awesome parkrun! If you’re lucky enough to visit on the 4th Saturday of the month you may be rewarded with a gorgeous local farmer’s market too! 

Churchill Island Farmer's Market The fourth Saturday of the month hosts a beautiful farmer’s market! Grab some local fresh produce to make your holiday even better!

The Course

The course is one of the most picturesque courses in Victoria. It winds its way around the clifftops of the island and leaves you with breathtaking views at every turn. The path is gravel and can only be explained as undulating. There is a turn around sign at the 2.5km mark so you get to enjoy the views all over again! 


Our Pakenham parkrun Review

[Breathtaking views Breathtaking views that change with the weather and the tides.


 Findabillity Score   

4 out of 5


Reasonably easy to Find. Enter Samuel Amess Drive off the main Phillip Island road (if coming from Melbourne turn right after the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. The meeting point is at the cafe steps. The start line is down the path towards the ocean.

Parking Score

5 out of 5


Best parkrun parking ever! Large grassed parking area. You can’t miss out on a spot even on market days! 

Toilets Score

5 out of 5


Phillip Island parkrun are lucky enough to be allowed to utilise the Heritage Farm’s / Cafe’s sparkling clean toilets. They are located to the right of the cafe. Walk along the verandah and past the farm entry gate and you’ll find them tucked around the corner. 

Aesthetics Score 

5 out of 5


Breathtaking ocean views. Beautiful beach trees and animals. 

PB Chance Score

2 out of 2
VERY undulating so I doubt you’ll crack your parkrun PB here!

Kid Friendly Score 

5 out of 5


Top points for the amazing things to do in the area after your parkrun! Check it all out here.

Uniqueness Score

5 out of 5


You get to run around the top of an island with unique wildlife only found in this area such as Cape Baron Geese. What can be more unique than that?

Tourism Score

5 out of 5


If you are visiting the beautiful Phillip Island then you MUST visit this parkrun. You won’t be disappointed. 

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