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Pakenham parkrun

Playing Pakenham parkrun Tourists!

In case you missed it, we are a family of 5 who have recently decided to sell everything, buy a caravan and travel around Australia! As a bonus, we will be checking out all of the best running locations our country has to offer! We have decided to plan our trip largely around the location of Australia’s hundreds of parkruns so that we are able to enjoy as many Saturday mornings as ‘parkrun tourists’ as possible!

Our Local parkruns

What better way to begin sharing our journey then by starting by reviewing our very own local parkruns! Currently living in Melbourne’s South-East, we are lucky to have access to 4 very different parkruns, all within a 20km radius! This is a review of our local Pakenham parkrun. It is located at the Toomuc Reserve, Rundell Way, Pakenham, Victoria. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

The Start / Finish line
Pakenham parkrun is really well sign posted.

The Course

The course is a simple out and back concrete path which meanders through leafy gum trees between residential homes and a small creek which you really don’t get to see much of on your run! There are a couple of small picturesque dams on course and the 1 kilometre checkpoints are nicely signposted. It’s a super fast and flat track, especially great if you’re out to grab your elusive parkrun PB! It just so happens that this is where my now seemingly unattainable PB was achieved a few years’ back! There’s one tiny incline which takes you through the rail underpass. The kids think this is really cool, especially if they are lucky enough to run underneath a train as it passes over! 

Pakenham parkrun Train Underpass
Pakenham parkrun Train Underpass

Our Pakenham parkrun Review Ratings:

 Findabillity Score   

4 out of 5
Reasonably easy to Find. Enter via South side of Princes Hwy. Turn left after the school.


Parking Score

4 out of 5
Large dirt car park. Get there early to get a spot. Parking also available in Rundell Way (one way street).


Toilets Score

2 out of 2
No toilets. Toilets available across the road at the pub. *Update: Council says toilets will be built and be available by 2020!


Aesthetics Score

2 out of 2
Nice tree-lined pathway but very close to residential properties and you can’t see the creek.


PB Chance Score

5 out of 5
Flat and Fast! Good luck!


Kid Friendly Score 

2 out of 2
If they’re lucky they’ll get to run ‘under’ a train! No toilets or playground bring this score right down!


Uniqueness Score

2 out of 2
Toomuc Creek is home to platypus, although they are extremely shy & you’re unlikely to see one. There are some quirky bench seats and some BIG characters who love to volunteer each week! Say “Hi” to Jack for me!


Tourism Score

1 out of 1
I feel guilty saying this but if you have to choose a parkrun in this area go to Berwick Springs or Wilson Botanic Park instead.

More parkrun Reviews?

Would you like more fun parkrun reviews based on parkruns around Australia? Have we visited your parkrun yet? Drop us a line anytime and tell us what you think of our reviews or why we should come and visit YOUR local parkrun! Check them out all out here!

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