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Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask! Ingenious!

Every now and again a product comes along representing such ingenuity that it makes you wonder, “How have I lived without this for so long?” This is what happened when I saw a Facebook ad for the Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask!

Normal Masks Just Aren’t Comfortable For Kids

With our big Australian adventure coming up I knew I needed to get Harvey a snorkel and mask. He was too young when I bought the rest of us expensive sets to use in Fiji! I remember getting the masks on the kids was a bit of an ordeal as they would scream and cry when the mask pulled their hair or the snorkel dug into the side of their heads! Throughout our swim we’d have to regularly pull the masks off to re-adjust, de-leak and de-fog them and subsequently endure more screaming! No wonder we only went snorkeling twice!

Ninja Shark are so much more comfortable
We loved snorkeling in Fiji but the normal masks just weren’t comfortable for the kids!


Ninja Shark 5 Star Reviews!

So, back to Ninja Shark: the claims and reviews were really quite unbelievable. A comfortable fit, no leaks, anti fog, clear, easy to use and you can breathe through your nose too! Ninja Shark promises a 90 day risk free trial and lifetime warranty. Too good to be true……surely?

Ninja Shark Reviews
The reviews made me decide to try Ninja Shark!


The Perfect Gift

Harvey’s 4th birthday was coming up and he’d only just learned to swim but I knew this would be the perfect gift for him to use on our travels.

The Ninja Shark mask arrived quickly and the quality looked excellent! We celebrated Harvey’s birthday on our maiden trip in our caravan to the Inverloch Big 4 which conveniently has an indoor swimming pool!

The perfect gift
Harvey was very pleased with his new Ninja Shark Full Face Snorkel Mask!


At this stage, Harvey was happier to stay above the water so the rest of us took it in turns to try out the mask. Although it was designed for 3 – 11 year olds, even the adults wore it and we were amazed to discover that the above claims were indeed true! Comfortable and leak free, with a large clear view!

In fact the Ninja Shark mask was so good that I could see much more than I wanted to under that water!!!! I jumped straight out of that nauseating cesspool and instead fantasized about using such a mask to explore the natural underwater worlds of Oz! It was then that I decided that the rest of the family needed a Ninja Shark too!

Underwater Paradise
I started dreaming of using the Ninja Mask on our Big Lap!


When our new masks arrived, we were super excited! Kylah enlisted her best friend to help make an unboxing and Ninja Shark info/review video to share on her Youtube channel – Awesome Travels with Kylah! Check it out here: Ninja Shark Australia Full Face Snorkel Mask Unboxing video.


We can’t wait to begin using the Ninja Shark Masks on our family adventures! Follow along to see more blogs and videos featuring the Ninja Shark Masks and of course all of our other adventures too!

If you want to get a Ninja Shark mask for yourself you can check out the range here. Buy Ninja Shark Products Australia. They make the perfect gift too! If you are getting some for the whole family make sure you take advantage of the 3+ mask package deals for 30% off!

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