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Inverloch parkrun

Our Maiden Trip in our New Caravan!

We needed to do a couple of practise trips in our new caravan to iron out any kinks before our Big Lap. Of course I had to book the holiday near a beautiful and iconic Victorian parkrun! And WOW! Inverloch parkrun did not disappoint! It was Bailey and Harvey’s first official parkrun (they have done previous ones that were not recorded due to not completing the whole course or riding in the pram), so this was an extra special parkrun for us!

Inverlock parkrun
What a perfect way to start the day!

The Course

The course is one of the most picturesque courses in Victoria. It is a kind of up and back course with the start line in the middle! You run along the beach (asphalt) path towards the town, around a bollard, back along the path and about a kilometre past the start line, around another bollard, back past the startline to the first bollard and back to the startline / finishline! We hadn’t done a parkrun like this one and we all agreed that it felt much shorter than usual (although it actually isn’t!) Perhaps it’s the beautiful ocean views that change with the weather and the tide that distract you from the kms travelled?

Inverlock parkrun view
The view from the BBQ shelter window. Wow!


Our Inverloch parkrun Review

The beautiful inlet
Be rewarded with glimpses of the inlet throughout the whole 5km course.


 Findabillity Score   

4 out of 5
Reasonably easy to Find. At first I thought it would be nearer to the main town / playground but trust your Google maps! It’s about 800m from town, to the right as you face the water.

Parking Score

2 out of 2
Limited parking spaces, especially in the school holidays Get there EARLY if you want a car space at the Rotary park or there is plenty of roadside parking along Ramsey Blvd. 

Toilets Score

3 out of 5
Yay! There are toilets at the start / finish line and you can even stop as you pass 3 times along the course! They’re not the cleanest / nicest toilets though. Bring your own soap! 😉

Aesthetics Score 

5 out of 5
Breathtaking ocean views and glimpses of the inlet the whole 5km, Check out the video here.

PB Chance Score

4 out of 5
Very fast and flat but other parkrunners may get in your way due to the up and back nature of the course.

Kid Friendly Score 

4 out of 5
No playground but it has nature’s best playground: The beach! The course it perfect for prams.

Uniqueness Score

5 out of 5
The course design is unique in itself! The ever changing tides and weather at Inverloch makes it a different experience each time you run!

Tourism Score

5 out of 5
Inverloch is a beautiful beachside holiday town. This parkrun is the perfect Saturday morning activity to do when staying nearby. Don’t miss it!

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