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Birdsland Reserve parkrun


I was not expecting THAT! Birdsland Reserve parkrun blew me away! We were staying in our caravan at the mother in law’s place (Upper Beaconsfield) while our bathrooms were being renovated. I decided I’d be a “parkrun tourist” and head to one of my NENDYs (Nearest Event Not Done Yet)! I was expecting a run through some beautiful Belgrave forest but I was not expecting SUCH BEAUTY! I’m absolutely stoked that I got to run this course on such a beautiful Spring day. There were ducklings, fairy wrens and many species of water birds. Birdsland Reserve parkrun really lived up to it’s name!

Ducklings at Birdsland Reserve parkrun
Absolutely beautiful course with birdlife galore!


The Course

I am not exaggerating when I say that there is something beautiful to see around every single corner of this parkrun. From running past babbling brooks, alongside trickling creeks and around huge tree lined lakes this parkrun is absolutely stunning! I feel so privileged to have experienced Birdsland Reserve parkrun and can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get there! The course is very well signposted and there are lots of friendly marshalls out on course to show you the way. It’s a bit tricky as you essentially have to run three laps of the big lake but if you follow the signs and the people in front you’ll run the full 5km (if you accidentally bypass a lap you’ll soon be wondering how you beat your PB by so much! 

Birdsland Reserve parkrun lake
You have the privilege of running around this spectacular lake 3 times!


No Dogs Allowed

While the reserve is a popular location for the locals to walk their pooches please note that no dogs are allowed to participate in Birdsland Reserve parkrun as per their agreement with the land owners Melbourne Water.

No dogs allowed
Unfortunately no dogs are allowed to join in with parkrun.



 Findabillity Score   

4 out of 5
Reasonably easy to Find. The front gate is quite narrow and not clearly signposted but Google Maps knew where to go!


Parking Score

2 out of 2
Limited parking spaces close to the startline so get there early or you will be directed to the overflow carpark which is about 300m up the hill.


Toilets Score

I didn’t get the chance to see if there were toilets. I’m pretty sure there were none but don’t hold me to that! Perhaps if you know for sure please leave a comment below.



5 out of 5


PB Chance Score

3 out of 5
A very flat gravel course. It maybe difficult to get a super fast time as the other parkrunners may inadvertently get in your way due to some narrow sections.


Kid Friendly Score 

4 out of 5
No playground but it has so many beautiful things to see! Ducklings!! The kids will be delighted! The gravel course is perfect for prams.


Uniqueness Score

5 out of 5
The whole course has been well thought out! Visual sensations at every turn!


Tourism Score

5 out of 5
I’d 100% recommend this parkrun to all tourists. There is also so much to do in the area, including the famous Puffing Billy just around the corner!


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  1. Hey Sam there are 2 toilets near the carpark

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